Paving the way for a
climate-neutral world

What is promondis working for? For a climate-neutral future.

Eco-electricity, natural electricity, green electricity, clean electricity: no matter what you call it - promondis believes in renewable energy from sustainable sources. For this reason, every day we work to ensure that people as well as companies can use these so-called renewable energy sources sensibly, reliably and as simply as possible.



promondis brings trend-setting solutions to the market and focuses on solar energy in the form of photovoltaics.



promondis promondis sees itself in partnership with its customers and offers them comprehensive services along the whole value chain.



promondis creates solutions which not only retain value but also create value, benefitting both current and future generations.

Environmental responsibility

There is no greater and more readily available source of energy than the sun, the energy of which can be used in an environmentally friendly way through our solar plants. This is our contribution to a responsible and sustainable use of our planet, which we want to conserve for future generations.

Climate neutrality
Climate neutrality
Positive CO2 result

promondis PV systems have a long service life and are virtually emission-free during their 25-year operation. No CO2 is released from electrical energy generated by photovoltaic systems. Good to know: After approx. 2.5 years, a PV system produces more electricity than was needed for its production.

Social responsibility

Partners, local communities, investors: The goal of our sustainability strategy is to establish a project management that takes into account the interests of all parties and unites them under common values. In this way, we achieve the maximum benefit for all parties – including creating and securing jobs.